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11,771 Replies to “Legal Info and Comments From Other Users”

  1. This app is safe and easy to use. When it comes to TBC exchange stuff I honestly 100% prefer using Tswap rather than other exchanger who doesn’t pays. I highly recommend for yoy guys to learn more about Tswap to know how it works and how big of a deal it is. It is very easy to exchange TBC and withdraw in bitcoin. Well done tswap.

  2. Wow Tswap you are the best and thanks for Costomer support who put me through even when I made mistake of my payment they helped me corrected it after paying for my btc wallet verification swap code and withdrawal code I got my btc wallet credited in my wallet you are the best exchange site ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • Register an account with us! Read and follow all the steps on the ACCOUNT GUIDE, one step after the order, if you find any difficulty in any area then you can ask our live chat support team question for clarification on the following area you do not understand clearly.

  3. I would like to login again pls help cause I do forgot how to login, have read all comments of people successful exchange tbc to btc so I wanted to head straight to exchanging now..

    Thanks alot

  4. Excellent website, I have used it now for 5 days and i have had no issues at all and find it very easy to use and a very simple layout. Very quick swapping transactions. It did take me about 1 hour to get my account verified and setup because of the verification fee.

  5. In my experience tswap is the best, what I needed in a exchanger is that I will be able to withdraw the amount that I exchange from the exchanger to my bitcoin wallet, after my first exchange on tswap I went straight up to withdraw btc to my blockchain wallet, the transaction was successful and I received the exact amount of bitcoin that I withdraw from my tswap account. Although I paid some fee which is not to be compared with the amount of bitcoin I received, I verified through wallet and purchased the crypto Swap Code from crypto swap code official page which cost me $200 and my exchange went smoothly. I’m from Pakistan I have already introduced TSwap to 5 of my friends and I will still be spreading the good news for others to benefit as far as I’m concern. Thank you very much tbcswap this is what I have been looking for in many years now and finally I got it. Thanks once more again

  6. No wonder so many people are using Tswapping, there is a reason for that. If you think tswap is just a plain platform to let you exchange your TBC into BTC without allowing you to withdraw it to your bitcoin wallet, you are totally wrong, tswap has been improving a lot since they launched years ago, and I’m not talking about swap code fee you need to pay before you can swap your TBC to BTC, I’m talking about how easy it is for you to withdraw the amount of TBC you have converted to BTC to your bitcoin wallet in seconds. All you have to do is hit the withdraw icon and BOOM and it’s done

  7. Thank you so much tswap I have received the $14,000 btc withdrawals I made 5 minutes ago, this is fast, quick and amazing. I’m so happy I am able to testify like others are doing here. Thank you very much tswap

  8. Tswap ist absolut großartig. Ich habe mich innerhalb eines Tages im Selbststudium geschult und kann jetzt erkennen, was ich immer wollte. Das Beste … es gibt eine großartige Lösung, die jeder TBCianer implementieren kann. Absolut perfekt

  9. Tswap is the best for TBC exchange platform. I prefer selling TBC for little amount since, i never knew i was wasting real money all those time, I’m a TBC leader and I have a lot of tbc and many referrals who work under me who are in need to buy tbc as an abundance coin, but I have to admit to Tswap which has made it easier to exchange TBC to BTC in few minutes. It took me a full day to study tswap fully and tried swapping a little amount to test it and also withdraw the amount I swapped to my BitPay wallet which responded automatically and fast. I’m really happy with their great job, thanks

  10. I am speechless. The exchanger is super good! I have received multiple btc withdrawals into my blockchain wallet here in India, the total sum of bitcoin I have withdraw since I have been using this platform is going to $380,000 btc for the past 6 months now! Superb

  11. I am totally new to tswapping. This is really easy and straight forward! I was able to swap $2,500 tbc to btc on PRO account after purchasing the crytpo Swap Code. And also withdrawals was awesome, I have withdrawn up to $25,000 btc total to my blockchain wallet. Thank you tbcswap

  12. Wow! This excellent is the one that we have now. tswap is rocket higher trending and threads about to, I was able to swap about $7,000 worth of tbc to btc. So again, thank you! This is awesome and superb!

  13. Tswap has grown up. It is the most straightforward system and platform for less technically inclined to manage. There are many functions and plans that really help. I recommend Premium Account which provides the highest volume of TBC swapping, there is much additional functionality to cover a wide range of options. As Tswap is in active development I expect that it will grow and develop to provide things I do not know I need yet and world global tbc exchange

  14. I like tswapping because it is very simple and easy to use and it is not like T2B wallet converter. I believe that it’s a perfect exchanger to start with for anyone with basic needs for start

  15. Tswap is totally different from other TBC Exchange platform. I am very much happy to use the swap feature, I have made several swapping and I recommend it to all TBCians to use this platform

  16. I think this is the only legitimate TBC exchanger we have now. Was able to swap $200,000 TBC to BTC, I only paid $200 to purchase the swap code from crypto swap code. So again, thank you! This is awesome and perfect !

  17. Wow! what a system I had no idea, was this good I’m really committed now, and really excited about using tswap. I have swapped up to $40,000 worth of tbc to btc now and withdraw part of it to my coinweb wallet

  18. Great for all tbcians that want to swap their tbc to btc real time. Withdrawals is nice, I was able to withdraw the total amount of $50,000 btc to my coinweb wallet. This is really a nice project

  19. The perfect exchange platform for an excellent result, tswap is the best tool for swapping tbc to btc, btc withdrawals, account upgrade, Pro account, Premium account and also reset password. This is the best Exchanger that exists in the world